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Hello I need a batch file to store in a variable all paths of all directories/subdirectories named ".svn" that I can found in my_folder.

Something like:

FOR /r my_folder %%X IN (.svn) DO (ECHO %%X)

the command above prints them to screen, but I need to store them in a variable as a list of strings. Someone knows how to do it?

This is the site I use for helping myself with batch files: http://ss64.com/nt/

After I want to pass the value of such variable to the command RD in order to delete them along with this subfolders/files. So let's say the variable is names $a i will do something like:

RD /s /q $a
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I assume you are in windows right? –  David Brunelle Feb 12 '10 at 15:25
@DavidBrunelle yep, see 1st word in question's title. :-) –  Marco Demaio Feb 25 at 13:29

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The simplest solution without any variables is to issue the RD command inside your FOR loop. You can use multiple commands inside the braces like:

FOR /r my_folder %%X IN (.svn) DO (
    ECHO %%X
    RD /s /q %%X

If yo need the to add the pathes to a variable you can do it like that:



FOR /r my_folder %%X IN (.svn) DO (
    ECHO %%X


RD /s /q %PATH_LIST%

But keep in mind that environment variables are limited in size. In Windows XP a single variable can hold a max. of 8,192 bytes.

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