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I am building a chrome app and getting an unsafe eval error. I know that eval is now allowed on chrome extensions but when I am adding to the manifest

  "content_security_policy": "default-src  'unsafe-eval'; script-src   'unsafe-eval' 'unsafe-inline'; style-src 'unsafe-inline'"

I get an error in the extension tab

'content_security_policy' is only allowed for extensions and legacy packaged apps, but this is a packaged app.

Is there a way to allow unsafe eval in a chrome app

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That doesn't appear to be correct syntax; did you copy and paste correctly? What does this have to do with underscore? Please convince us that unsafe eval is necessary. – Teepeemm Mar 20 '14 at 13:56

Strict CSP cannot be overridden in a Chrome App. Read the documentation.

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