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I am creating a web service application which will serve charts (i.e. line graphs, bar charts, pie charts, etc) in either Flash or PNG/Jpeg format. Most users will of course want the Flash version. But for the small version that can't support Flash I would like to have the "Flash Screen Shot" rendered as a static graphic image.

I am still in the process of selecting a charting suite. I have looked at a bunch (e.g. AnyChart, Fusionchart, etc. ). All of these have options to save the charts as png or jpeg. But this must be done on the client browser side and require actual browser rendering (See FusionCharts Example - I am trying to get around the You CANNOT directly generate an image of chart on server, without actually rendering it in browser).

Can anyone recommend a Flash based charting suite/component which is capable of exporting to PNG/JPeg on the server via automation (i.e. does not require javascript)?

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You may want to look at a reporting server instead. There are some Java Servers (even Open Source) and Windows has Reporting Services. This could provide you with the desired server side rendering without having to do anything more in the code than access the URL. –  Todd Moses Feb 12 '10 at 15:37
Thank you for this comment. Yes - I have begun to look at some of the solutions out there (e.g. Crystal Reports Server). –  M Schenkel Feb 12 '10 at 18:45
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