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I have just started learning for breezejs !

I have two doubts

1) Is the breezejs doing any changes directly on database or need any c# codes?

If we write any savechanges query in breezejs, then the values are update to database?

if yes, then we need or not need Ajax call and write any codes in C# ?

2) Can we write CRUD Operations in GUI side using breezejs without using c# code?

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Breeze offers several options for communicating with a server. Out of the box we offer backends in both .NET and Node. Examples of each are available in the breeze zips here: http://www.breezejs.com/documentation/download. Breeze also offers the ability to talk to an arbitrary backend that does NOT implement a breeze compatible server. See the 'edmunds' example in the zip mentioned above.

Current Breeze Server impls

  • .NET - WebApi 2

    • Entity framework ( with any EF supported SQL DB)
    • NHibernate ( with any NH supported SQL DB)
    • No database or custom implementation
  • Node - Express

    • MongoDB
  • Java ( not yet complete but in progress )

  • Ruby ( not yet complete but in progress)
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