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In a contenteditable div, Gecko (tested FF 27.0.1 and FF 28/firebug to inspect) has added a <br> to the end of my line inside a paragraph myP. When inspecting myPs html in firebug, the html looks regular, and the br is recognized by firebug as an element (pointing on it shows: /html/body/div[3]/div/p[2]/br):

<p>sometext <br><p>

However, myPs behaviour seems odd to me. I have manually created an identical element elm for comparison:

elm.innerHTML="sometext ";

The comparison looks like this:

myP.innerHTML: sometext &lt;br&gt;
elm.innerHTML: somtext <br>

myP.childNodes: NodeList[<TextNode textContent="sometext <br>">]
elm.childNodes: NodeList[<TextNode textContent="sometext ">, br]

Is there any part in the spec that allows for myP to behave like this? Specifically, when reading myPs content, how can I tell whether the <br> is placed by Gecko vs entered by a user as '<'+'b'+'r'+'>'? Is there an oversight on my part?

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