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I am trying to build a Sentiment Classifier for Twitter. I use the 5000 tweets data in sentiment.csv for Training Dataset. Here is what Sentiment.csv looks like in short:

16  1.26E+17    2011-10-18 21:53    Hey @apple, androids releasing brand new state of the art phones, whens your new phone come out? What's that? (cont) http://t.co/2sko9l3d   neutral apple
17  1.26E+17    2011-10-18 21:53    Now all @Apple has to do is get swype on the iphone and it will be crack. Iphone that is    positive    apple
18  1.26E+17    2011-10-18 21:49    .@Apple has a record quarter and because a bunch of professional guessers (aka analysts) wanted more, its a disappointment #wtf neutral apple
20  1.26E+17    2011-10-18 21:35    @apple why my tunes no go on my iPhone? iPhone lonely without them. silly #iOS5 negative    apple
21  1.26E+17    2011-10-18 21:33    @apple needs to hurry up and release #iTunesMatch   negative    apple
22  1.26E+17    2011-10-18 21:31    @Apple how fun wouldn't it be if it was possible to integrate  ( soon to be named ) with notifications? neutral apple
23  1.26E+17    2011-10-18 21:31    Interesting read on war b/w @Apple & @Samsung- http://t.co/Vt9d24Yi -using latter, agree lack of innovation, but better specs at same price!    neutral apple
24  1.26E+17    2011-10-18 21:29    Why is  #Siri always down @apple    negative    apple
25  1.26E+17    2011-10-18 21:26    I just need to exchange a cord at the apple store why do I have to wait for a genius? @apple    negative    apple

I build the classifier using Naive Bayes. I inputted a test datasets containing 1500 tweets that look like this:

10  1.26E+17    2011-10-18 22:06    I managed to finish the Elegance and Style assignment! Try it for yourself! http:\/\/t.co\/D3wOXjz4HI #GameInsight #iPhone #iPh...  neutral apple
11  1.26E+17    2011-10-18 22:00    iphone 4 and 4s lcds only \u00a340 iphone 5 only \u00a390 others available on request. postal service also available pls rt thanks  neutral apple
12  1.26E+17    2011-10-18 22:00    @KNC_ox na the 5c is just worse in general, just a cheaper and slower iPhone 5  negative    apple
13  1.26E+17    2011-10-18 21:58    my iPhone is on a mazza \ud83d\ude24    neutral apple
14  1.26E+17    2011-10-18 21:55    Can't believe I've just snapped yet another iPhone 5 charger wire! \ud83d\ude21 #crap #iphone5  negative    apple
15  1.26E+17    2011-10-18 21:53    RT @fanficsdumb: \"im so poor\"\n\n*has iphone 5*   negative    apple

The sentiment column in the test datasets is supposed to be ignored during the classfication. And it is supposed to be only used for measuring the accuracy of the classification result. I wanna produce a new sentiment through the classifier that I build. When I check the result, However, it seems like the result produced is based on the sentiment in the test datasets. Because when I changed the column in test datasets into "neutral" regardless of the real sentiment of the tweets, the result of the classifier is all "neutral". Not based on the feature vector produced in the training datasets. It supposed to ignore all the sentiment written in the test datasets, and produced result based on the classifier or training datasets.. Not depends on what written in the test datasets.

If anybody knows where did I do wrong, any help would be appreciated. Here is the code.

import csv, random
import nltk
import tweet_features, tweet_pca

# read all tweets and labels
fp = open( 'sentiment.csv', 'rb' )
reader = csv.reader( fp, delimiter=',', quotechar='"', escapechar='\\' )
tweets = []
for row in reader:
    tweets.append( [row[3], row[4]] );

# treat neutral and irrelevant the same
for t in tweets:
    if t[1] == 'irrelevant':
        t[1] = 'neutral'

v_train = [(tweet_features.make_tweet_dict(t),s) for (t,s) in tweets]

classifier = nltk.NaiveBayesClassifier.train(v_train);

with open('testdataset.csv', 'r') as csvinput:
    with open('testdatasets_output.csv', 'w') as csvoutput:
        writer = csv.writer(csvoutput, lineterminator='\n')
        reader = csv.reader(csvinput)

        row = next(reader)

        for row in reader:

        v_train = [(tweet_features.make_tweet_dict(t),s) for (t,s) in tweets]

        for row in reader:
            test_predict = [classifier.classify(t) for (t,s) in v_test]



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