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I have a div in my layout which has box-sizing property assigned to it with value border-box. It works good in other browsers but does not work in IE7. I have read that for fixed width elements, it works. The IE developer tool tells that box-sizing property is assigned correctly. The CSS code:

.item {
    border-bottom:1px solid #DDDDDD;
    padding:12px 24px;

It breaks the layout.

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IE7 does not support box-sizing - period. IE7 does not even have developer tools. Where did you get that information from? –  BoltClock Mar 20 at 11:31
Already answered..this question is duplicate stackoverflow.com/questions/2909667/box-sizing-support-in-ie7 –  Jot Mar 20 at 11:32
@BoltClock I read it yesterday when I was searching the web for fix. If it does not support then why it does not show it in console? –  Muhammed Talha Akbar Mar 20 at 11:36

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Unfortunately IE7 doesn't support box-model: border-box and uses the W3C content box model instead. There are a couple of options here - use a polyfil or write specific IE7 rules in a conditional comment.

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Content box model, not padding box model. –  BoltClock Mar 20 at 11:34
@BoltClock updated, thanks. –  David Randall Mar 20 at 11:35

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