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I've ported Yaroslavskiy's dual pivot quick sort to C (VC++). I'm trying to compare it to the original C version of Bentley's quicksort that appeared in his paper to see if the results indeed agree with the finding's stated by Yaroslavskiy and Oracle. Believe it or not, My preliminary results show that Bently's version is some times superior to dual pivot in MANY cases specially when sorting large records. Some times almost half the running time of dual pivot!!.

Now, I know that there might be a mistake from my side, the way I ported dual pivot from java or may be something else. But all I can say is that I tried to do minimal changes to Yaroslavskiy's code. Just to let the two codes run similar comparison functions, and add counters for the num_of_comparisons and num_of_swaps.

Oracle Java 6 doc says: "The sorting algorithm is a tuned quicksort, adapted from Jon L. Bentley and M. Douglas McIlroy's".

My question is, where to get this Java 6 version of quick sort? I need to get that code, port it and test it in C/C++.

Or, as an alternative, Did Yaroslavskiy do a version of dual pivot in C ?

I can't find either.

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