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I am using directshow sample grabber in order to take pictures with rate of 25 fps from a web cam. Using pic resulotion of 640x480. Pic size is around the 25500 bytes after converting it to jpeg. Iam sending the frame using the rtp protocol. Also sending voice encoded with g711 with rtp protocol on diffrent port. I am struggling a delay issue with the video from time to time. Maybe the jpeg size is too big? Do i need some how to compress the to mjpeg before sending?

When i recieve the frame in the client side i am showing it in a picturebox. Changing the pictrue in the picturebox in small period of time give us the illusion of video.

Is this the right way?

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https://net7mma.codeplex.com/ has an implementation of this, you would use the RtspServer and just put the new images in a directory and use the class RFC2435Stream which does this for you by monitoring that directory.

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