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I have such data structure and I need to create treeTable with this.

Map<Manager, List<Fund>>  managerFunds

Is possiple to populate dynamic treeTable in (openfaces)?

Like it possible in (primefaces)


 public class TreeCheckboxBean implements Serializable {

            private static final long serialVersionUID = 8244744946231978985L;

            private TreeNode root;
            private TreeNode[] selectedNodes;

            public TreeCheckboxBean() {          

                Map<Manager, List<Fund>> result = new HashMap<Manager, List<Fund>>();
                result.put(new Manager(1,1,"06/31/2013"), Arrays.asList(new Fund(10, 10, "06/31/2013"), new Fund(11, 11, "06/31/2013")));
                result.put(new Manager(2,2,"06/31/2013"), Arrays.asList(new Fund(20,20,"06/31/2013"), new Fund(22,22,"06/31/2013")));
                result.put(new Manager(3,3,"06/31/2013"), Arrays.asList(new Fund(30,30,"06/31/2013"), new Fund(33,33,"06/31/2013")));

               root = new CheckboxTreeNode("root", null);        
               for(Map.Entry<Manager,List<Fund>> entry: managerFunds.entrySet()){             
                    TreeNode column = new CheckboxTreeNode(entry.getKey(),root);
                    for(Fund fund: entry.getValue()){    
                        new CheckboxTreeNode(fund, column);

    // ... getters and setters
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