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Does saveAssociated work with belongsTo models? I have a Donor model which belongs to User model. This means that user_id is stored in the Donor model. I am trying to use saveAssociated() to save donor/user data in one call. However this does not seem to work

Hers is what I tried :

 $this->request->data['User'][0]['role'] = 'donor'; //tried without the `[0]`
 $this->request->data['User'][0]['activation_secret'] =  $activation_secret;
 if($this->Donor->saveAssociated($this->request->data, array('deep' => true))){
     //success message 

I got around this by doing like so:

$user = $this->Donor->User->save($this->request->data);
    $this->request->data['Donor']['user_id'] = $this->Donor->User->getLastInsertId();
// success message

IS this the right way to do it? Or am I missing something ?


My form follows this pattern

            echo $this->Form->create('Donor');
            echo $this->Form->input('name', array('id' => 'name','div' => 'inline-input'));
            echo $this->Form->input('surname', array('id' => 'surname','div' => 'inline-input'));

NB. The associated model data to be saved, is hardcoded as shown above in the save action.

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How does your form looks like? Also take a look at this Question –  skywalker Mar 20 at 12:58
@skywalker Thank for replying, I've edited my question –  LogixMaster Mar 20 at 13:17
As suggested in the answer in the link/question you provided, I tried using the second array key,but no luck –  LogixMaster Mar 20 at 13:21
@skywalker Aswell as you described in your answer to that question, I also think that since the table Im trying to save from, is the one with the belongsTo association (making it not the main model), and therefore need to save associated data first.. if this makes any sense.. But I might be wrong, which is exactly why I asked on SO :) –  LogixMaster Mar 20 at 13:26
In that case, the way you are doing it is fine. –  skywalker Mar 20 at 14:37

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Try the following:

$this->request->data['User']['role'] = 'donor';
$this->request->data['User']['activation_secret'] =  $activation_secret;

unset($this->Donor->validate['user_id']); // This might solve your problem

if($this->Donor->saveAssociated($this->request->data, array('deep' => true))){
    //success message 
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This was my first thought but it did not work for me(for some reason). The id inside the User table would be just 'id'(following cake's conventions). –  LogixMaster Mar 20 at 14:37
I'm sorry, your're right. It's the foreign_key that needs to be skipped for validation when using saveAssociated() or saveMany(). Edited my answer. Maybe try that? –  jimmymadon Mar 20 at 14:42
Darn I thought that would be it once you mentioned it, but still no! Would have to work with my work around for now! I just prefer short/clean code –  LogixMaster Mar 20 at 14:49

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