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Me and my team we are trying to run a windows server that will execute some code using c# and as a result, produce a text file including mac address that we want them to get blocked from firewall. We realized that this is not possible from windows firewall since we want to do it dynamically so we thought of running a Linux Virtual Machine on our windows server and send the file from windows to virtual machine and then block the Mac addresses from there. Is that possible ? Is there a way to write a code or find a code to automatically get these mac addresses from the file and block them using Linux firewall or something similar?

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What's the end goal? Protecting the Windows box from these mac addresses? This is not very secure. What prevents someone from spoofing their mac address? What prevents someone from using any other method to DOS your box? I see no reason to do what you're attempting. Mac address whitelisting can work in limited scenarios. Blacklisting is pretty useless. –  San Jacinto Mar 20 '14 at 14:01
I want to either allow mac addresses or to block them. What we are trying to do is a project for university. We are making a Wireless network using 3 laptops as access points . One of the laptops will be our Server and we will execute trilateration algorithm on it using c#. The mac addresses outside our specified area we want them to be blocked or allow the ones inside. Doesnt matter to us. But to do that we have to either block or allow mac addresses from accessing the network. That's our end goal. Is there an answer to what I asked above or a different way to do it ? –  Antreas Solou Mar 20 '14 at 16:10

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