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I calculation a size of a folder using php and then store it in session, than i delete some files with other function and than calculate size of folder,

i want difference of both state old and new

But session stores every time new data and difference becomes 0

How do i maitain old size in session and prevent it from overwriting?

here is some part of code

 $this->size_session =  $currentsize;

i calculate new size after submit button


      $this->size_now = $currentsize;
     $_SESSION['oldsize']- $this->size_now;

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Is all your code in a single file ? Than you might require a condition to set session only if session is not set already. –  Rikesh Mar 20 '14 at 13:01

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You should read the $_SESSION['oldsize'] to another variable BEFORE changing its value:

$old_size = $_SESSION['oldsize'];
if ($_REQUEST ... ):
$difference = $old_size - $_SESSION['oldsize'];

Only that $_SESSION['oldsize'] is not a very good name, shouldn't it be 'actualsize', since you use it to store the actual size? ;)

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Not sure if you typed this example manually or copy/paste, but:

$_SESSION['oldsize']- $this->size_now;

Should probably look like this:

$difference = $_SESSION['oldsize'] - $this->size_now;
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