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I have a jstree treeview which has to change via button click. When I click the button, it gives me new json data and reload the jstree altough it loads old data. How can I reload it with new data?

var $user = 0;

$(document).ready(function () {

        'plugins': ["wholerow", "checkbox", "types"],
        "checkbox": {
            "keep_selected_style": false,
            "three_state": false
        'core': {

            'check_callback': true,
            "themes": {
                "responsive": false
            'data': {
                type: "POST",
                url: "Menu_Permission.aspx/Menu",

                data: function () { return '{"user":"' + $user + '"}' },

                contentType: "application/json"

$(document).on('click', '.btn-role', function () {
    var $item = $(this);
    $user = $item.attr('data-u');

$(function () {
    $('#tree_menu').on('deselect_node.jstree Event', function (e, data) {
        var item_id = data.node.id;

$(function () {
    $('#tree_menu').on('select_node.jstree Event', function (e, data) {
        var item_id = data.node.id;

I have checkbox event and I cannot destroy anda recreate it, because I did not successfull to fire checkbox event after destroy and recreate...

Update: The problem is checkbox state does not change after refreshed it.

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Add a jsfiddle.net - then we will see what can be done ;) –  Mr.TK Mar 20 at 15:45

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