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If I use the history back button of my browser to navigate back to a page with a facebook like button somewhere at the bottom, chrome shows some additional white space at the bottom of the page after the <html>-Tag.

  • The white area is not there when I navigate on the same page normally (not using browser history)
  • Using the element inspector I see that the <html>-Tag closes just where the white area starts.
  • It occurs even with overflow: hidden; on the <html>-Tag
  • If I remove the fb like button from the page, there is no such white gap.
  • It seems to be browser specific as I can't reproduce it in Firefox.

Does anybody know where that comes from and how to get rid of it?


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I'm having a similar issue. I have a Like button on my product pages and if you click the back button and end up on a page where a like button is the button loads late and is hidden behind other elements.

I found a piece of code that helped but didn't completely solve the issue. I can't remember the code but if you search enough you can find it and maybe solve your issue.

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