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I need to know what format this date, the format is this 1394567523572-0300 here, this is a timestamp ?


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probably some form of time interval since reference... you get it from JSON request? –  Volker Mar 20 at 13:45
How shall we know without any indication of the source? –  Nikolai Ruhe Mar 20 at 13:46
possible duplicate of JSON date with offset to NSDate –  Volker Mar 20 at 13:47
@Volker really? I disagree. –  Matt Ball Mar 20 at 13:47
@Volker thanks man! –  viniciusmo Mar 20 at 13:56
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It appears to be a non-standard format consisting of the number of milliseconds since the epoch (1394567523572) and a time zone offset (0300). If I had to guess this "format" is intended to mean 2014-03-11T19:52:03.572Z, with some time zone that has a UTC+03:00 offset.

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It's the number of milliseconds since Unix epoch (1-Jan-1970) with the addition of a timezone (-0300).

See this online epoch converter.

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It looks like the number of milliseconds from Jan 1 1970 (otherwise known as Unix time * 1000) along with a timezone offset of -3 hours.

The Unix timestamp of 1394567523 is the equivalent of Tue, 11 Mar 2014 19:52:03

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