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I want to make an installed aplication in Python3 to manage the Google Drive files in my google account.

As the official google-api-python-client doesn't support Python3 I've decided to code myself the oauth2 method and access to google drive api with urlib.request.

I managed to pass the authentication process and get the token. Then I tried to access to the google drive api (copying a file) following the api reference: POST with this code:

def copy_file(token, target_name):
    print("Access Token: " + token)
    url_target = ""
    request = urllib.request.Request(url_target)
    request.add_header("Authorization", "OAuth" + token)
    request.add_header("title", target_name)
    f = urllib.request.urlopen(request)

I only get 404 error.

When I try with the Google Api Explorer it work ok:



Content-Type:  application/json
Authorization:  Bearer ya29.1.AADtN_ULTFZ3jvv962bVVjAYv_GknktRMgvIGAGJPdZ5OAocQANLmN5q_UMq5cA53aqoHBkqo39wHiGM1-pg
X-JavaScript-User-Agent:  Google APIs Explorer

 "title": "copia de HiperAgenda"


200 OK

I've omitted in my code this ?key={YOUR_API_KEY} Where is my Api Key?

What's my wrong?

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def copyFile(token, target_name):
    print("Access Token: " + token)
    url_destino = "
                  ?key=(YOUR_API_KEY provided by Google API Console)"
    values = "{'title': '%'}" % target_name
    data = values.encode('utf-8')
    request = urllib.request.Request(url_destino, data, method='POST')
    request.add_header("Authorization", "Bearer " + token)
    request.add_header("Content-Length", len(data))
    request.add_header("Content-Type", "application/json")
    f = urllib.request.urlopen(request)

Fixed errors:

  • I found my API_KEY in Google API Console.
  • HTTP request methond is 'POST'
  • The token value start with "Bearer" word, don't "OAuth" (deprecated).
  • Parameter requiered isn't a request header. It's the data of the request.
  • The 'data' is json format but binary.
  • header "Content-Type: application/json" is requiered
  • header "Content-Length: " is requiered

've uploaded a Gist with the completed example fine working:

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You're not adding the value of the copy request argument in your Python implementation (i.e. the part in the API explorer that says "copy?key={YOUR_API_KEY}"

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I already added the value of key= but the response is a 404 error. – Trimax Mar 20 '14 at 18:30

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