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I'm trying to get hold of the FindService on this wsdl using jaxws. I generated the classes just fine using wsimport.

But when i do:

FindService findService = new FindService();

i get the exception:

Exception in thread "main" javax.xml.ws.WebServiceException: {http://s.mappoint.net/mappoint-30/}FindService is not a valid service. Valid services are: {http://s.mappoint.net/mappoint-30/}CommonService

So, it seems that jaxws is only finding CommonService in the wsdl which is the first one declared in it. Any idea how i can use the FindService ?


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This appears to be a JAX-WS bug.

You can make a local copy of the WSDL, modify it so that FindService is the first service definition declared, and run wsimport against it. That worked for me.

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