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I am using Angular and Breeze in a mobile app with Azure mobile service as my backend. I am using the example of "The Edmunds "Not My Server" Sample". I also have been using the "Metadata by hand ... in depth" documentation because AMS returns no metadata.

The problem is my data is not being returned properly. From a break point in Chrome on the returnResults() function I can see my data in the data.httpResponse but not data.results as shown in the examples.

My model looks like this

'use strict';
.factory('model', [model]);   
function model() {
    var DT = breeze.DataType; // alias
    return {
        initialize: initialize
    function initialize(metadataStore) {
            shortName: "SalesPerson",
            namespace: "III",
            autoGeneratedKeyType: breeze.AutoGeneratedKeyType.Identity,
            dataProperties: {
                id: { dataType: DT.String, isPartOfKey: true },
                lastname: { dataType: DT.String },
                firstname: { dataType: DT.String },
                email: { dataType: DT.Undefined },
                extension: { dataType: DT.String },
                imageurl: { dataType: DT.String },
                position: { dataType: DT.String }            

My jsonResultsAdapter looks like this

    new breeze.JsonResultsAdapter({
        name: "III",
        extractResults: function (data) {
            var results = data.results;
            if (!results) throw new Error("Unable to resolve 'results' property");          
            return results && (results.makeHolder || results.modelHolder);
        visitNode: function (node, parseContext, nodeContext) {        
            if (node.id && node.states) {             
                node.modelLinks = node.states;
                node.states = [];
                return { entityType: "SalesPerson" }

My datacontext looks like this

(function () {
    'use strict';
        .factory('breezeDataContext', ['model', 'jsonResultsAdapter','logger', breezeDataContext]);
    function breezeDataContext(model, jsonResultsAdapter, logger) {
        breeze.config.initializeAdapterInstance("modelLibrary", "backingStore", true);
        var serviceName = 'https://innovation-mobile.azure-mobile.net/Tables/';
        var ds = new breeze.DataService({
            serviceName: serviceName,
            hasServerMetadata: false,
            useJsonp: false,
            jsonResultsAdapter: jsonResultsAdapter
        var manager = new breeze.EntityManager({ dataService: ds });
        return {
            getSalesPeople: getSalesPeople

               function getSalesPeople() {         
            var parameters = makeParameters();
            var query = breeze.EntityQuery

            return manager.executeQuery(query)
        function getFailed(error) {
            logger.error("query failed: " + error.message);
            throw error;
        function complete(error) {
        function makeParameters(addlParameters) {
            var parameters = {
                fmt: "json"             
            return breeze.core.extend(parameters, addlParameters);
        function returnResults(data)
            logger.info("Fetched " + data.results.length + " items from the datacontext");
            return data.results;
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The problem is from copy and pasting the jsonResultsAdapter. I was trying to return "results && (results.makeHolder || results.modelHolder)" which makeHolder and modelHolder do not exist. –  James Morris Mar 21 '14 at 20:55

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