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I am trying to connect a button with a slot defined in an external class called simu. The slot is a function called startSimu(). The object simulation is instantiated in the same class where I hope to connect the button. Below is the code:

QPushButton *btn1 = new QPushButton("start simulation");
simu simulation;
QObject::connect(btn1, SIGNAL(clicked()), &simulation, SLOT(startSimu()));

The code compiles and runs, but when I click on the button nothing happens. The function startSimu() is the following:

void simu::startSimu() {
    std::cout << "aaaa" << std::endl;

The header of the simu class:

#ifndef SIMU_H
#define SIMU_H

#include <QObject>

class simu : public QObject

    double timer() {return time;}

public slots:
    void startSimu();

    double time;

#endif // SIMU_H

I hope someone has a clue or a hint! Thanks

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It looks like your simulation object destroyed before the slot is called, because you allocated it in the stack:

simu simulation; // Will be destroyed as the execution leave the scope.
QObject::connect(btn1, SIGNAL(clicked()), &simulation, SLOT(startSimu()));

To fix this you will need probably do the following:

simu *simulation = new simu; // Will be destroyed soon
QObject::connect(btn1, SIGNAL(clicked()), simulation, SLOT(startSimu()));

Please do not forget to delete the simulation object when needed.

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The last thing to add is, don't forget to delete it. –  Nicholas Smith Mar 20 at 14:55
Also we had trouble with cout in some configurations, you could try raising an QMessageBox during development or use qDebug()/qWarning() with a custom message handler –  Sebastian Lange Mar 20 at 15:07
Thank you it works now! –  Colet Mar 20 at 16:26

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