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I am using google geocoder api


How can i set the accuracy for the gmap geocoding api to i.e. "only countries and cities"?

As an example, searching for "dach" currently i get the results:

  • Dalandstraße, 81927 Munic, Germany
  • Dacha, Kirovohradsaoblast, Ukraine
  • DA Lane, Deep Run, NC, 28525, USA

(which includes street names and stuff)

What i really want: (set a filter for only countries, places and cities)

  • Dachau, Germany
  • Dachstein, Austria

How can i set the geo filter to only return cities and countries?

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There is no option to set such a filter, you'll need to parse the response on your own to filter the results. –  Dr.Molle Mar 20 '14 at 15:45

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When you call the API, you can see, for each result, a type array, for example :

"types" : [ "route" ]

So, you will have to create your own filter to determine wich result(s) you're interesting in, depending of this types parameter.

You can find all the possible values of type here .

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