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Suppose you have a set of binary strings of length n, the magnitude of a string is the number of 1's it has. and you want the program to return true if there is a string that has a magnitude of <= k and there is a index i where String [i] = 1 for all strings.


The result is 100 because index 0 of all string is 1 and magnitude of string one is equal to 1.

My idea is you have C-SAT conversion where C is the number of strings.

(string1[0] OR string2[0] OR string3[0])  AND 
(string1[1] OR string2[1] OR string3[1])  AND
(string1[2] OR string2[2] OR string3[2])

But I am not really sure how to incorporate Magnitude limit (k) into this? How can this be done?

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This question appears to be off-topic because it is about computer science, not programming. –  chepner Mar 20 at 15:16
Is stack overflow not meant for both? Is there a dedicated section of stack overflow to problems such as these? –  RandomGuy Mar 20 at 15:19
I would try cs.stackexchange.com, unless you have a coding question about a specific program you are writing to produce a SAT instance from a given instance of your target problem. –  chepner Mar 20 at 15:37

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