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Given an ANN from neurolab like

net = nl.net.newff([[0.0, 1.0]] * 5, [2])

I would like to train it iteratively, performing validation-checks every K epochs.

Despite net.train() accepts epochs as argument, its usage looks very strange for me. Somehow it stores the last epoch (on the net-instance?), so the following will fail with 'max nr train epochs reached' and it will NOT proceed with training.

for k in xrange(10):
    net.train(training, target, epochs=1)
    ...do some checks

The following would work, but it exposes computational overhead, since it will start from the beginning each time.

for k in xrange(10):
    net.train(training, target, epochs=k)
    ...do some checks

What do I miss? :)

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