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The ASP menu control emits tables instead of div's, and I don't want to bother learning control adapters.

I want it to emit CSS-friendly code, and I need to be able to style the menu items individually.

Nice transition effects are a plus, but at this point I'd settle for something straightforward and reasonably priced.

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Telerik is like a thousand dollars and Componenentart is like 800. So not what I would call "reasonably priced". –  Stephen Cox Aug 22 '08 at 15:07
hmmm i don't recall mentioning that either telerik or component art were reasonably priced, just asked if the poster was willing to pay :) –  jonezy Aug 22 '08 at 18:48

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Why not roll you own based upon some existing code? I have been using a modified version of the Son of Suckerfish Dropdowns without any major issues. There are a couple of fixes that you need to get things working across the various browsers but once they are up and running they give you an extremely nice platform to work off of.

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are you willing to pay? I've had a lot of success with the Telerik controls and componenentart

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Do you mean the CSS Friendly Control Adapters? In all honesty there really isn't much to learn about these: install them by copying the source to the appropriate folders then use the standard ASP.Net controls and style with CSS to your heart's content.

In fact the Telerik controls have quite a learning curve if you want to do more than drag and drop them on the page...

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