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Let's consider this scenario: a freshly create windows form application in which I created a Form2 besides the original Form1.

1st Question: I want both forms to show up at start-up, so i basically wanted to add Application.Run(new Form2()); in main right after the similar command for Form1, but since I read that I can't use multiple threads to run both forms, how do I do it?

2nd Question: How do I access the form methods from an outside class or even main, since even if I create a form instance I can't seem to access them directly.

3rd Question: I need to display a buffer of messages in a form, typically I would use a simple text box, but the problem is that I need to add something like a mark as read to all individual messages. Any clues on how to do that?

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Please ask only one question per thread. – Hans Passant Feb 12 '10 at 17:51

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1: Check out the ApplicationContext class.

2: The methods need to be public but be careful here because you will start having issues with tight coupling. For a simple implementation, you'll need to pass references to the calling objects (consider researching the Observer pattern).

3: Check out a DataGridView.

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