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I'd like to avoid of using of the API by anybody except my web-application.

I could encrypt the data sending to server via post requests and decrypt the responses of the API's server. But hacker can dig into the web-page code and simulate the web-page behavior and make harm to the server (for example by spamming one).

I could uglyfy JS code but can I consider that it is enough for applications not as secured as bank? Probably I missed any easy and beautiful solution?

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Can you change the settings with your host to only allow calls to the api from certain domains or IP addresses? –  KevBot Mar 20 at 16:13
No, @KevBot. Web application can be run by any user at any IP. –  Roman Matveev Mar 20 at 16:14
There already is a solution for that: ssl / https –  jeroen Mar 20 at 16:14
@jeroen, I thought that the implementation is not so easy. Anyway thank you for the idea I will read a bit more about it. However I'd like to avoid any unnecessary complication. –  Roman Matveev Mar 20 at 16:17
I think it's the only secure solution. You can get free certificates if you don't sell things on your site and installation is not that hard. –  jeroen Mar 20 at 16:18

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