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I have an assigment to do, there is a database to be made. In the db, there is a 'user' table with info on the users and a 'role' field where there has to be an admin value or a waiter's value. Anyway decided to go with the ENUM way for it, and all is great. However there has to be a way to manage that table, and in that field, i have to be able to change throught these two values. Using a simple input type=text method it can work, but if an other value is inserted, it changes to blank.

So i decided to go with the drop down list- approach.

while($record = mysql_fetch_array($myData)){
echo "<form action=edit_profile2.php method = post>";
echo "<tr>";
echo "<td>" . "<input type=text size=10px name=id value=" . $record['id_user'] . "     </td>";
echo "<td>" . "<input type=text size=10px name=user value=" . $record['username'] . " </td>";
echo "<td>" . "<input type=text size=10px name=first value=" . $record['f_name'] . " </td>";
echo "<td>" . "<input type=text size=10px size=10px name=last value=" . $record['l_name'] . " </td>";
echo "<td>" . "<input type=password size=10px name=pass value=" . $record['password'] . " </td>";

echo "<td>" . "<select name=type>";
echo "<option>" . $record['type_user'] .  "</option>";
echo "<option>" . $record['type_user'] .  "</option>";
echo "</select> . </td>";

echo "<td>" . "<input type=hidden size=10px name=hidden value=" . $record['id_user'] . " </td>";
echo "<td>" . "<input type=submit size=10px name=update value=update" . " </td>";
echo "</form>";

echo "</table>";

I tried, instead of adding $record['type_user'], to use the two options (admin,waiter) but that way i couldn't see which is selected before changing the value. So, is there any way for this to make it work?

Because it seems that i am not making my self clear on this, here is my update. The following code is the so called problem of mine.

echo "<td>" . "<select name=type>";
echo "<option>" . $record['type_user'] .  "</option>";
echo "<option>" . $record['type_user'] .  "</option>";
echo "</select> . </td>";

At first, this approach works, because whenever i choose to view a user from the table, the role field is accordingly right. But that code makes a drop-down list with two-same options. As i mentioned above, i tried using instead of $record['type_user'], the actuall two option, for viewing, but i can't manage to get it to show the actuall value of an entry. It works parsially because i can choose throught both of those options. The code for that approach is :

echo "<td>" . "<select name=type>";
echo "<option>" . waiter .  "</option>";
echo "<option>" . admin .  "</option>";
echo "</select> . </td>";
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A select with two options is much more like a radio button, isn't it? –  eyp Mar 20 '14 at 17:07
write code to validate what is entered... –  Mattt Mar 20 '14 at 17:07
@eyp, I'm guessing homework assignment... if that is the case, I would bet the point is to help understand validation using different field types. Sounds like the input type=text is important. Could be wrong though. –  Mattt Mar 20 '14 at 17:13
@eyp yes i suppose it would be. –  dmarko Mar 20 '14 at 17:34
@MattThompson this is just a piece of the code. i made a validation script for the database changes, but i didn't think it would be usefull for my problem. Thanks for your concerns though. –  dmarko Mar 20 '14 at 17:37

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(this is may not be the answer because i am not sure i understand thequestion)

for options you have to set 'value' attribute

echo "<option value=".$record['type_user'].">" . $record['type_user'] .  "</option>";
echo "<option value=".$record['type_user'].">" . $record['type_user'] .  "</option>";

Then you can get the selected value

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I edited my post. Hope you can see what i mean. Thanks –  dmarko Mar 20 '14 at 17:39

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