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Google Chrome dev tools no longer lets me re-position it to the bottom of the page instead of the right side. Anyone know how I can re-enable this function? It makes it very difficult to use it in certain screen layouts.

I'm using Chrome v 33.0.1750.154 m Windows 8.1

Interestingly, the opposite is true in Canary(v 35.0.1900.0 canary). In canary dev tools are stuck on the bottom and can't be re-positioned to the side.

Is there some check-box I accidentally clicked or what?? Currently I can only dock or un-dock the dev tools panel, but the option to change it's position inside the window is gone.

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If you click and hold the dock/undoc button you get the option to reposition.

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This was not intuitive to me. –  laetiporous Jan 22 at 19:18
Really you help me, and help my eyes ^_^, thx a lot. –  Anis Hikmat Abu-hmiad Jan 23 at 12:39

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