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int a= 21;//10101
int b = 269;//100001101

a^b will do


but I want to do


Is there any way to do it without changing the original numbers?

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You could use left-bit-shift on a? – Tyler Mar 20 '14 at 17:25
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You can shift a to align it with b on the left. The sample code below works with your example but does not properly handle overflows etc. It should give you a starting point though.

int a = 21;
int b = 269;

int shift = Integer.numberOfLeadingZeros(a) - Integer.numberOfLeadingZeros(b);

int c = (a << shift) ^ b;
System.out.println(Integer.toBinaryString(c)); // 1011101
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You could use a left bit shift on a, which will add 0s to the end of a, which won't change the value of your XOR:

//Calculate how far to shift
int shiftLength = Integer.toBinaryString(b).length() - Integer.toBinaryString(a).length();

//Apply shift
int aShited = a << shiftLength;

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