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this is my first post in SO. I am currently using Sublime Text 2 in a Mac to write and run code in the GAMS language. For that purpose I installed the GAMS language package through Package control.

I don't really know much about how to customize Sublime, but I would like to modify the package in order for the names of the objects that I declare to be highlighted. For example, if I write

Set t index of the decision variables /1*10/ ;   
Variable x(t) the decision variables;
Parameter p(t) an external parameter;
Positive Variable x;

the package will color the words Set, Variable, Parameter and Positive Variable, but it will not color the names of the variables t, x(t), p(t), x, which would be helpful to distinguish them from the description which follows, i.e. index of the decision variables .

Concretely, I would like Sublime to highlight the first word after a word like Set, Variable, etc. (I don't know how to call these. Is there a name for them?). How could I achieve this? Which file do I need to change and how?

I searched the site for a bit and learned, for example, to change the colors of the Color Scheme, but it seems that what I want to do is a little bit more involved.

Thanks a lot.

Edit. More considerations.

It is possible to declare several objects with their corresponding text at once, for example:

Variables x(t) the decision variables of the first kind  
          y(t) the other decision variables;

In this case, I would like x(t) and y(t) to be highlighted with the same color, that is, the first word after Variables and the first word of each new line until ; , which marks the end of the declaration.

Actually, it is possible to define several parameters in one declaration and assign values to them immediately. Thus, in

        Vel(B) velocity of the boat b
         /b1        20
          b2        19
          b3        18       /

        c(B) cost of the boat 
         /b1         10000
          b2         12000
          b3         13000

I would like Vel(B) and c(B)to be highlighted.

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