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I want to redirect requests for a bunch of files/folders in a directory on one site to a directory (and then identical path) on a new site.

In my Rails routes.rb I have:

match '/uploads/*path', :to => redirect{|params, request| "http://othersite.com/uploads/#{params[:path]}"}

which I've got from this answer.

It almost works, except this URL:


redirects to:


I can't work out why the file extension is missing.

(I would also add something like constraints: {:path => /[\w\-_\/]+(\.[a-z]+)?/} to the end to ensure the path is vaguely valid, but I've left that off while trying to fix this issue.)

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You want to include the request format:

match '/uploads/*path', :to => redirect{|params, request| "http://othersite.com/uploads/#{params[:path]}#{ '.'+params[:format] if params[:format].present? }"}

... this is the portion of the URI we think of as the file extension (ie: .pdf in your example).

Though, it may be more elegant to just use the full incoming request path (via request.full_path, which has the URI path and all query params):

match '/uploads/*path', :to => redirect{|params, request| "http://othersite.com/uploads/#{ request.fullpath }" }
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Nice, thank you, and a very quick answer! (8 minutes until I can mark it as correct, but I will do so later.) –  Phil Gyford Mar 20 '14 at 17:43
Cheers! I added a simpler solution that may work better, too. –  Winfield Mar 20 '14 at 17:44

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