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I'm facing a major issue and I can't seem to find a suitable answer.

I'm using PJSip on a Windows 8.1 Metro App. Currently, PJSip does not support WASAPI and, therefore, I'm developing a library in order to have sound capabilities in my App.

I'm giving to IAudioClient::Initialize a format of PCM 16-bits 2 channels. However, after initializing and asking for IAudioClient::GetMixFormat the WAVEFORMATEX returned is something like:


So, as far as I can understand I have to "resample" everytime I call IAudioRender::GetBuffer(). Right?

I've tried several things but I can't accomplish to to the resampling.

hr = strm->default_pb_dev->GetCurrentPadding(&padding);
frame_to_render = strm->pb_max_frame_count - padding;
hr = strm->pb_client->GetBuffer(frame_to_render, &cur_pb_buf);

So, "frame_to_render" seems to be the number of frames I'm requesting to WASAPI.

And then I have this:

strm->bytes_per_frame = ws->pb_format->nAvgBytesPerSec * 20 / 1000
pj_uint16_t* destBuffer = (pj_uint16_t*)malloc(frame_to_render * strm->bytes_per_frame * sizeof(pj_uint16_t));
pj_uint32_t* sample32 = (pj_uint32_t*)cur_pb_buf;
int destOffset = 0;
for (int sample = 0; sample < strm->bytes_per_frame; sample++)
    destBuffer[sample] = (pj_uint16_t)(sample32 [sample] / 65536);                  

The main problem is that seems that cur_pb_buf[x] is always '0'. However, when sending that buffer to PJSip I have sound but with cuts.

Can someone help me? Thanks

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I'm facing the same issue. Did you find the answer? Could you kindly post an update if you have? thanks. –  100grams Sep 15 '14 at 9:34

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