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I'm trying to compile the examples found here:


Specifically, I'm trying to get the "Calling CGEQRF and the CBLAS" example to work. The code is like so:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <lapacke.h>
#include <cblas.h>

int main (int argc, const char * argv[])
 lapack_complex_float *a,*tau,*r,one,zero;
 lapack_int info,m,n,lda;
 int i,j;
 float err=0.0;
 m = 10;   n = 5;   lda = m;
 one = lapack_make_complex_float(1.0,0.0);
 zero= lapack_make_complex_float(0.0,0.0);
 a = calloc(m*n,sizeof(lapack_complex_float));
 r = calloc(n*n,sizeof(lapack_complex_float));
 tau = calloc(m,sizeof(lapack_complex_float));
       a[i+j*m] = lapack_make_complex_float(i+1,j+1);
 info = LAPACKE_cgeqrf(LAPACK_COL_MAJOR,m,n,a,lda,tau);
 info = LAPACKE_cungqr(LAPACK_COL_MAJOR,m,n,n,a,lda,tau);
           n,n,m,&one,a,lda,a,lda,&one,r,n );

If I save the file as a .cpp (perhaps this is my first mistake?) and compile using

g++ lapacketest.cpp -llapack 

I get the following compile errors:

3_20_2.cpp:14:7: error: assigning to '_Complex float *' from incompatible type 'void *' a = calloc(m*n,sizeof(lapack_complex_float)); ^ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3_20_2.cpp:15:7: error: assigning to '_Complex float *' from incompatible type 'void *' r = calloc(n*n,sizeof(lapack_complex_float)); ^ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3_20_2.cpp:16:9: error: assigning to '_Complex float *' from incompatible type 'void *' tau = calloc(m,sizeof(lapack_complex_float)); ^ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3_20_2.cpp:29:25: error: use of undeclared identifier 'cabs' err=MAX(err,cabs(r[i+j*n]));

I tried changing to .c and compiling with gcc, but I got other strange errors. Any thoughts? I'm slowly trying transition from Matlab to c++ for scientific computing and so far it's just been a giant headache.

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It looks like calloc(m*n,sizeof(lapack_complex_float)); is not returning a pointer to an object of type lapack_complex_float.

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Okay. What should I do about that...? –  icurays1 Mar 20 '14 at 18:07
Can you confirm that this is the case? And what is calloc actually returning? Looks like it's returning void which is nothing. You need something to return a pointer to lapack_complex_float. –  PaulG Mar 20 '14 at 18:08
Okay, the assignment problem seems to be fixed with typecasting a = (lapack_complex_float*) calloc(...). But now I'm getting "undefined symbols for architecture x86_64" errors...the example code is obviously not meant to be run as-is...or I don't know what I'm doing... –  icurays1 Mar 20 '14 at 18:20

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