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After every save I need to right-click on the project in the project browser and click on build. Is there a way to configure NetBeans to auto-build the project when I save a file?

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See Compile on Save FAQ:

I don't use CoS myself, I highly recommend Jenkins for your auto-build needs (and so much more):

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The compile on save option is not available for free-form projects as of NetBeans version 8.0. And I don't think it will be made available in future too. The very idea of free-form is that that IDE does not know anything about your project and completely relies on the ant-scripts and the mappings you provide.

If you don't want to build an entire project every time you make changes to a file, create a target in ant to compile a single file and map it to the IDE command compile.single. You could add a context menu for that if required, although the existing keyboard shortcut F9 should suffice.

You can read more on the advance free-form configuration here - Advanced Free-Form Project Configuration

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