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I have a doubt, i have a .each loop like this:

mayor = @lt[1][1]
@lt.each do |item|
  if item[1] > mayor then
    mayor = item[1]

That loop started in the first item of the array @lt but instead i want it to start by the second item

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@lt[1..-1].each do |item|
  # Do things with item
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Assuming that @lt is an Enumerable (Array, Hash, or similar), you can use drop to skip any number of items from the start:

@lt.drop(1).each do |item|
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I'm always amazed when someone comes up with a built-in method that I haven't encountered before, especially on something like Enumerable. Love it! –  Zach Kemp Mar 20 '14 at 19:32
@lt[1..(@lt.length-1)].each { |item|
   # Do something
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