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When training a nn using trainbr like this:

net = newff( inputs_train, outputs_train, layers, { 'tansig', 'purelin' }, 'trainbr' );
net.trainParam.goal = 0.0;
net.trainParam.show = 1;
net.trainParam.epochs = ephocs;
net = train( net, inputs_train, outputs_train );

How do I obtain the number of epohcs/iterations that has been ran before max mu has been reachedd?

Brgds, Stian

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I would use the newer FEEDFORWARDNET instead of the old NEWFF.

You can get the training record as a second argument from TRAIN:

[net,tr] = train(net,inputs_train,outputs_train);
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Cheers, I wasn't aware that it was a new function, ill give it a go, when I get home. –  Stian. Mar 27 at 14:47
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