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I have pagination that comes with checkbox in first column and each row.

If any of checkbox is checked it will automatic slidedown full wide box from top, I use jquery here is code...

$(':checkbox').change(function() {
    // use the :checked selector to find any that are checked
    if ($('#checkbox').length) {

        $(".checkbox-tools").animate({top: '0px'});

    } else {
  <!--Cancel print button.-->   

    $(".checkbox-tools").animate({top: '-450px'});

This works great when checked on checkbox and slide down.

What if person UNCHECKED and there is no checked in checkbox and I want to automatic slideup full width box instead of person click close button if there is no checked at all.

How can I solve that!


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For uncheck checkboxes use:

$('input:checkbox').prop('checked', false)

To check checkboxes use:


To count checked checkboxes use:


It's similar post on: checking if a checkbox is checked?


In Your code, all checkboxes have ID #checkbox - ID have to be unique, here You have working code http://jsfiddle.net/s8Xju/1/:

$(':checkbox').change(function() {
    // use the :checked selector to find any that are checked
    if ($(':checkbox:checked').length > 0) {

        $(".checkbox-tools").animate({top: '200px'});

    } else {

        $('.checkbox-tools').animate({top: '-450px'});
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I tried all of those above and for some reason is not working, what is working fine is slide down when is checked one or more, but is not working when UNCHECK or there is NO CHECKED to slide up is not working does any one can help me how to solve when is not checked. –  user3417953 Mar 21 at 0:59
You can use for states .addClass('on'), .removeClass('on'), check if .hasClass('on')... You can use Your own variable like var $is_checked = false, checkbox on change $is_checked = true. Please try to write path to Your checkboxes (I do not see Your HTML structure and what You want to do) like $('div#header div.yourClassBox input:checkbox') –  Laguna Web Design Mar 21 at 10:12
i have tried that with .hasclass('on') and ('off') is not working.. i went back to square one and first part is working but second when there is NO checked is not working to slideup please check at link –  user3417953 Mar 21 at 15:17
on jsfiddle replace $('#checkbox') with $(':checkbox:checked') –  Laguna Web Design Mar 22 at 12:01
To: Laguna Web Desing thanks so much for your help, is works great. –  user3417953 Mar 22 at 14:38

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