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I have a JSON data feed where the value is a hash if single value and is an array if there are multiple values (see JSON data below).

JSON data:

# multiple values in option

# single value in option

I can do a check to see if the value is a hash or array using is_a? in Ruby, then extract the data accordingly and convert it to an object. Is this how it would typically be done or is there a better, more elegant way to code it in Ruby?

(NB: I figure this is such a common thing that there might be good solution to handling it. I google but it kept giving me how to parse JSON data's and creating JSON in Rails.)

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Final goal is what ? –  Arup Rakshit Mar 20 '14 at 22:34
So "options" always has one item, and "option" can have multiple? What a horrid API! –  Mark Thomas Mar 21 '14 at 0:54
Besides the fact options having one items and option having single or multiple which makes no sense, is it common for option to have a hash for a single value and then switch to an array for multiple values? –  HM1 Mar 21 '14 at 1:46

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I can do a check using is_a?. Is this how it would typically be done?

That's how I would do it! I think the more common scenario is for the JSON (or whatever) to have a consistent design, and have the objects in an array even if there's just one.

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