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Do I have to iterate through ALL the and set remove the 'selected' attribute or is there a better way?

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Simply find all the selected <option> tags within your <select> and remove the selected attribute:

$("#my_select option:selected").removeAttr("selected");
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Shortest and quickest way to remove all the selection, is by passing empty string in jQuery .val() function :

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$("#ddlMultiselect").multiselect("clearSelection"); $("#ddlMultiselect").multiselect( 'refresh' );

after clearing all section, refresh the drop down to reflect the changes.

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to clear all selection I am using like this and its working fine for me. here is the script:


$("#ddlMultiselect").multiselect( 'refresh' );
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selected-selctor is probably what you are looking for

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This is the Best way to clear a Select box / or list box with Multi choice

$("#drp_assign_list option[value]").remove();

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