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I have a basic SQL search engine that looks like this:

SELECT * FROM table_name WHERE row_name LIKE '%$keyword%'

Using this as a basic search engine works fine however if a person were to misspell of mistype something, it wouldn't work at all. The users query needs to exactly match at least some part of an entry in a database. My question: is there a way to get around this and still return results if someone misspells something. For the computer to return the best results for the search instead of returning nothing. I really want the query to look like

SELECT * FROM table_name WHERE row_name MOSTLY LIKE '%$keyword%'

There isn't a MOSTLY LIKE operator, but I'm wondering what I would use to emulate something like that. Note: The variable $keyword is the users input

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A place to start is by understanding Levenshtein distance (you can google it). Unfortunately, it is relatively computationally expensive if you have lots of keywords and lots of text. –  Gordon Linoff Mar 20 at 23:57

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Look up SOUNDEX if you are using MSSQL.

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