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i have a calendar view its working pretty fine,,, but i need to restrict the results to one per date, if i have five events, my view looks odd so thought of adding a more link and displaying only one result per date.....

is there any way to this,, i have tried limiting the view to display the results to 1 but it doesn't work

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Doesn't this kind of ruin the whole point of a calendar (i.e., all the information on one page)? – Mike Crittenden Feb 12 '10 at 21:02

I have implemented a similar functionality by changing calendar template files. The one I've used is calendar-datebox.tpl.php (it formats the date in each cell of a calendar, but I used this one because other calendar templates don't seem to contain all variables I needed).

Copy the default version to your theme and try to play with it. You will see there is a bunch of useful variables, one of them is:

// $items: An array of items for this day.
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