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I was able to run my web project in c# during runtime of capturing the desktop screen by using the ScreenCapture of Expression Encoder. No error or whatsoever. It works perfectly fine when i run it on my Visual Studio 2012.

But when i publish the project to IIS. and tried accessing it in my localhost, the page was able to load and i was able to start the recording but the video file is empty. As if it just created a file but recording didnt start at all. No error raised. I even checked it in Event viewer and created a log, it doesnt raise any problem. The dll is in place to the bin and it is also set to x86 since the reference are 32bits.

Am i missing a configuration somewhere maybe in the code or in the IIS that is why it isnt capturing the screen at all?

Hope you guys can help me on this ASAP. I am using this because my client wants to monitor and records the agents screen activity.


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