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I have a data structure like this.

var myModel {
    _id: 798698,
    username: "John",
    message: {
        message1: "Some cool messsage",
        message2: "I'm mad Ohio State lost"

Then in my handlebars template I do something like this.

<div class="message">
    {{#each message}}

But that results in

message1 from tony
message 2 from tony

When I'm trying to figure out how to

Kevin: message1
Kevin: message2
Tony:  message1 from tony
Tony:  message 2 from tony

New to handlebars, trying to search the docs, and use common sense but I am not sure how to loop each message and place the username inside that loop?

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<div class="message"><b>{{username}}:</b>
    {{#each message}}
        <div>{{../username}}: {{this}}</div>
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Oh wow handlebars is growing on me, that just made it easy.. thanks –  Michael Joseph Aubry Mar 21 at 2:38

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