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In Rails 4, we have to change to strong parameters. I haven't figured out how to reference specific parameters yet. I keep running into this error:

ActiveModel::ForbiddenAttributesError in TransactionsController#create

When a Transaction is created, I want to manipulate some of the parameters before creating that new object. I also want to save the id of the Account (sent in the form as a hidden_field_tag).

Here is my form:

#newTransaction-modal.modal.hide.fade style="display: none;"
  h3 New Transaction
  = form_for do |f|
    p Date:
    = f.text_field :transaction_date, value:"%m/%d/%Y") 
    p Payee: 
    = f.text_field :payee
    p Category: 
    = :category, options_for_select(["Phone", "Restaurants", "Gas/Fuel"])
    p Memo: 
    = f.text_field :memo
    p Outflow: 
    = f.text_field :outflow, value: 0
    p Inflow:
    = f.text_field :inflow, value: 0
    = hidden_field_tag :account_id, value: params[:id]
    a.btn href="#"  data-dismiss="modal" Cancel

    = f.submit "Create Transaction", class: "btn"

and my Transactions controller:

class TransactionsController < ApplicationController

  def create
    transaction_date = Date::strptime(transaction_params, "%m/%d/%Y")
    outflow = params[:transaction][:outflow].include?(".") ? params[:transaction][:outflow].gsub(".", "").to_i : (params[:transaction][:outflow] + "00").to_i
    inflow = params[:transaction][:inflow].include?(".") ? params[:transaction][:inflow].gsub(".", "").to_i : (params[:transaction][:inflow] + "00").to_i

    @account = Account.find(params[:account][:id])
    @transaction =

    @transaction.user_id =    
    @transaction.account_id =
    @transaction.transaction_date = transaction_date
    @transaction.outflow = outflow
    @transaction.inflow = inflow

    diff = inflow - outflow
    new_account_balance = @account.balance + diff
    @account.update_attributes(balance: new_account_balance)
    redirect_to account_path(@account)

  def transaction_params
    params.require(:transaction).permit(:transaction_date, :payee, :account_id, :category, :memo, :inflow, :outflow, :user_id)


How do I reference the account_id in my controller?

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I would allow the params of the account as well. You can add {account_attributes: {:id}} to the transaction_params method and that will allow it. Then you can call transaction_params and get back the hash of params that you are free to modify as you please.

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Better yet change the hidden_field_tag to :account_id and set its value not id. That will pass it in the form parameters. Then you can just allow account_id in the params. – CWitty Mar 21 '14 at 2:44
I still haven't been able to figure it out. My hidden field is now : = hidden_field_tag :account_id, value: params[:id] and my transaction_params logic is params.require(:transaction).permit(:transaction_date, :payee, :account_id, :category, :memo, :inflow, :outflow, :user_id). When I puts my transaction_params, the account_id isn't there. Any tip? – Huy Mar 21 '14 at 3:00
You don't need to specify value: as the key. The second argument is the value. Do you have an association for the transaction to the account? – CWitty Mar 21 '14 at 3:10

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