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hello If a large image is to be used for a web page that is very wide such as this >

As you can see above^ The centre of this image is the text and the star spreads out.

I wonder, is it possible to auto centre this super wide image in a browser; so that when the image is displayed on a 4:3 screen or zoomed in, it auto crops?

I presume this would require the image to go outside the screen/margins when zoomed in or on a 4:3 so that the text is still centred?

The reason I ask is to avoid having to use a cropped image in the first place and seeing this (below)when zoomed out or on a wide screen.

I'm rather new to html and css.

thank you for any help you may offer : )

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<body style="background-image:url('Image.jpg');">
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use margin:0 auto for the image in the css

margin:0 auto;
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thank you very much Sajad : ) – user3434591 Mar 21 '14 at 22:51
@user3434591:hey then accept my answer if it helped you..!! – Sajad Karuthedath Mar 23 '14 at 7:51

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