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I've installed Mojolicious on OS X Mavericks using the instructions found on the Mojolicious web page (http://mojolicio.us/).

The directions state " To run this example with the built-in development web server just put the code into a file and start it with "morbo". " When I do so, the command line gives me the error " morbo: command not found ".

I'll delete this if it's some rookie mistake but the only solution I've found is another stackoverflow page that didn't help me.

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Which installation instructions did you use specifically? I'd add that to your question. –  Miller Mar 21 at 4:49

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As part of the installation process of any Perl module that contains scripts, they are installed to a specific location. If that location is not in your executable path, then they cannot be run. I would do a file search for the morbo script and check your $PATH variable. The script must be in the directories listed in that variable to run it by name. Check by running echo $PATH in a terminal (I know that works on Linux, I think it should work for Mac).

You can also run morbo by executing the full path to the executable:

/home/joel/perl5/perlbrew/perls/perl-5.18.1/bin/morbo myapp.pl

(p.s. as you can see, I use perlbrew, I highly recommend it).

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