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let's say I have a view that is made up of 2 layers -> top layer and bottom layer. I place them both in a frame layout.


    <!-- bottom layer -->

    <!-- top layer -->


now, presumably, when i tap on the editText, the keyboard will pop up, and shrink the size of the edit text. However, it seems that the bottom layer is ALSO getting resized. How do i prevent this bottom layer from getting resized?

Note: the framelayout is in a fragment, and the activity that holds this fragment must declare android:windowSoftInputMode="adjustResize".


Just to clarify, i want the editText layer to adjust as high as the keyboard needs to. however, i don't want the image behind it to adjust at all

i only have 1 activity that handles these similar types of fragments.

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You can't prevent a single view from resizing if you set android:windowSoftInputMode="adjustResize". But if you just want to set a non-resizing background, there is a work-around. Instead of setting the background image in the ImageView through XML, add this in your onCreate() method

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what does that do? and nope, it doesn't work unfortunately –  David T. Mar 21 at 4:31
The default behaviour is supposed to be pan-and-scan. Please try without specifying any mode and if it still doesn't work, try android:windowSoftInputMode="adjustPan" –  aaRBiyecH Mar 21 at 4:36
interesting. what if i want only certain layouts/fragments to have this, but not all the other fragments? i have only 1 activity so i have to declare either adjustPan or not –  David T. Mar 21 at 4:46
this won't work because it doesn't allow my edit-text to resize –  David T. Mar 21 at 4:57
I tried your scenario here and have edited the answer according to what I could do –  aaRBiyecH Mar 21 at 5:25

try this in the manifest

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but the edit text won't resize... –  David T. Mar 21 at 4:57

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