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Say I have this:

#define CAKE     , something

and the result I want is ", something". Can it be done?

The following doesn't work in gcc:

#define MAKE_STRING(x)  #x
#define STRING(x)       MAKE_STRING(x)


The compiler thinks I'm passing two arguments into MAKE_STRING() and balks.

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If your preprocessor supports variadic macros, __VA_ARGS__ will do the trick:

#define CAKE     , something

#define MAKE_STRING(...)  #__VA_ARGS__
#define STRING(x)       MAKE_STRING(x)

#include <stdio.h>
int main()
    printf("%s\n", STRING(CAKE) );
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Thanks. What I actually did was changed MAKE_STRING() to #__VA_ARGS__ –  cleong Mar 21 at 7:13
You're welcome. That's a simpler approach! –  jfly Mar 21 at 7:22
#define CAKE     (, something)

please have a try.

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