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I am trying to use the namespace Windows.UI.Xaml; in visual studio 2012 for windows app development and it is not been supported. It is giving the error that Windows.UI does not contain Xaml but i have seen in sample code which i have downloaded from here


They are using the namespace Windows.UI.Xaml and no error is there. Can anyone help me out to solve this problem. Thanks in advance

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I haven't looked at the code you provided but I assume it is not Windows Phone code. Windows.UI.Xaml is indeed not available for Windows Phone. It's not mentionend as a supported platform on MSDN anyway.

In Sharing XAML UI you can read more about the difference between Windows 8 UI controls and Windows Phone 8 UI controls. Bottom line: XAML on both platforms are not binary compatible.

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You are refering to the Windows 8 Store Application,

Windows.UI.Xaml.dll is a type of DLL file comes with Windows 8.

Read this article on converting Windows Phone to Windows store and corresponding namespaces.

Converting to Windows 8 from Windows Phone

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The solution that you gave is a Windows Store app sample. And that's the reason you are seeing Windows.UI.Xaml namespace. If you would make a Windows Phone solution, you won't find this .dll file or namespace.

The only practical thing related to Windows.UI.Xaml namespace which is seen in the sample code which would interoperate to Windows Phone is Visibility of XAML components. While you have Windows.UI.Xaml namespace in Windows Store apps, you have complementary System.Windows namespace in Windows Phone for toggling Visibility.

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