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Can a NSIS script download .NET and DirectX from microsoft, then install it?

I don't want to include the installers in my installer because they are huge.

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Here's an example for .Net :

Function GetDotnet ;// looks for local copy before downloading, returns path in $0
    Pop $0
    ${If} ${FileExists} "$InitDir\dotnetfx35.exe"
        StrCpy $0 "$InitDir\dotnetfx35.exe"
    ${ElseIf} ${FileExists} "$InitDir\dotnetfx35setup.exe"
        StrCpy $0 "$InitDir\dotnetfx35setup.exe"
        Call DownloadDotnet
        StrCpy $0 $0
    Push $0

Function DownloadDotnet ;// downloads .Net, returns download path in $0
    NSISDL::download "${DotnetDownloadUrl}" "${TempDir}\dotnetfx35setup.exe"
    Pop $0  
    ${If} $0 == "cancel"
    StrCpy $0 "${TempDir}\dotnetfx35setup.exe"
    Push $0

Function InstallDotnet ;// kicks off the .Net installer
    Pop $0
    Push $1 
    ExecWait '"$0" /norestart' $1       
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Here you go: info on doing a web download for DirectX

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I want to download the file during the install, and not include DirectX or the .NET framework in my 8MB installer. –  Kevin Feb 12 '10 at 21:19
The file in reference here is not the full installer, it is the web installer. –  Dave Feb 12 '10 at 21:22

For DX, you can use dxwebsetup.exe as a bootstrap. It's a small installer, which scans the user's system and then downloads required components:

Not sure if there's a similar web installer for the regular .net framework, but at least that's half the battle

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